Dorm Room Tour ♡ Twenty Thirteen

For my dorm this year, I was über inspired by a poster I stumbled upon while browsing Society6 I knew I wanted to make my room clean, sophisticated, and artistic--- with a touch of elegance. (Not to mention, I do tours at my school so I wanted it to be really pretty and engaging for when prospective students visit the residence hall!) I browsed through millions of prints, and found one that truly set the stage for how I designed my entire dorm room.... a sophisticated, artistic interpretation of a "killer queen"... 

Inspiration: Marie Antoinette 

Left: Taken from Society6 | Right: Personal Photography

I was immediately drawn to the balance and mix between the old, traditional painting of Marie Antoinette, and the modern graphic words printed on her bosom: "LOSE MY MIND"
Not only is this an entertaining pun regarding her death (execution style..) but also, I liked the conceptual meaning behind it regarding the dame's history. Plus, it looks so cool!
[Find this poster here if you'd like to purchase a copy for your own interior design!]

Disclaimer: Everything I purchased for this dorm room will also be used in my bedroom at home, I'm not just buying this stuff for school! All other products and accessories seen in my photos are taken from my bedroom at home. This is a post for me to share with you how I was inspired to decorate my dorm room this year and I hopefully can pass a little inspiration off to you.

For my bed area, I knew I wanted something comfortable and easy to make. Last semester I made the mistake of having too many small pillows on my bed, which resulted in taking too much time to place every pillow when I had to make my bed look neat every morning. I decided to stick with two standard pillows instead this year, and to go along with my "Marie Antoinette" kind of theme, I found these to be perfect! Written in thick, black text, these pillowcases together read "Bon Soir." Find this set here! They're from Urban Outfitters.  
As for my duvet, I originally wanted white bedding, but I decided against; after all, the walls are already white. I opted for this pink ruffled "Waterfall" duvet, also from Urban, and I have to say, it's extremely comfortable and more practical than it looks. NOTE: It just needs to be smoothed down so all the ruffles go in the same direction when you make your bed!

And as for lighting, I really am not a fan of floor lamps in general, but my roommate Lilly and I knew that we needed one in our bedroom. I stumbled upon this one on Hautelook (a site that does FLASH sales) and I fell in love with the chandelier- esque feel it gives off. I could not pass up it up! This gorgeous floor lamp is from angelo: HOME.  I got a great deal with this lamp since it was on sale on Hautelook, and it's absolutely a perfect match to the hot pink accents in our room. I will be moving this to my own bedroom at home when I am not at school, it's way to gorgeous to be kept in storage over the summer!!

As for wall decor, I knew I wanted something personal and unique to me. I discovered Printstagram back in July, and I fell in love with the mini-prints because of their awesome resemblance to Polaroid prints. Similar to Stickygram, you sign in through your Instagram account and are able to choose what photos you would like printed. For the mini-prints, you get 48 different photos for only 12 dollars! I ordered the set of 48 and decided to put them on my wall in the shape of a triangle. These are absolutely awesome and I highly recommend checking Printstagram out if you're searching for some wall-decor inspiration!

As for the desk space, I use this desk as both a desk for doing work and as a vanity to keep my brushes, lipsticks, mirror, and palettes. Everything is pushed to the far end so I do have enough room for my laptop and books in case I needed that area. I mainly like to do work at the dining room table we have in our living area or other places such as the library, so this is why I keep a lot of my makeup out in my room. 
Everything on this desk is from my room at home! And because I know I'll get asked, my mirror from Conair!

And finally, my closetttt! I'm in love with what we did with our closet this year, adding hot pink curtains on each side. This is my side of our closet:

Left: 10 Drawer Rolling shelf from Michael's. I like to keep my makeup, body products, medicine, and miscellaneous stuff in here so I have more room in my desk drawers. On top I just have a few plates with rings and jewelry as well as a dried rose in a mason jar! | Right: I have only the pieces of clothing that need to be hung, i.e dresses, skirts, jackets, and collared shirts! My empty train case is at the bottom.

I like to keep my shoes (pumps and wedges) on display on the top shelves, while I keep my boots in the lower shelves of my closet! The farthest shelf parallel to the top of my 10 drawer cart holds all of my hot hair tools, hairbrush/combs, and headbands & accessories in those little white square containers! And my Marie Antoinette poster is hung right outside my closet! :)

I wanted my room at school to be a reflection of me and I wanted it to have items, decor, and colors that will inspire me each day for the next two semesters!

Happy decorating!

"Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice"
[Hamlet, 1.3]

Cheers! x


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