Week 10: Summer Twenty Thirteen ♡

01. OOTD the other day- floral dress from Necessary Clothing 02. CHIPOTLE! >>from the other day 03. A snap I took from the West Side Highway in Manhattan 04. Catch up with Miss Noelle and chicken parm! 05. New in from Urban (fun fact: I'm a new UO Employee, actually!) 06. Dinner the other night with my cousin from Italy in Rockefeller Center! 07. An early shot of 14th Street this morning! 08. Key Lime Pie w/ blueberry sauce! 09. Sushi with Miss Amanda the other night!

Cheers to almost the end of July!

"God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another"
[Hamlet 1.3]

Cheers, x

P.S: Obsessed --


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