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This past weekend I spent a few days on Long Island (huzzah for proper English- "on"). I got to see life through a new lens- one that solely revolves around the water and sun.

 s a t u r d a y : j u n e 01

I started off the weekend attending a Pitbull & Ke$ha concert. Not exactly my favorite artists, but nevertheless, a fun time. 
01. Entrance to Jones Beach. 02. Nikon Theater @ Jones Beach

03. I sported a white lace cropped top from Urban Outfitters, a pair of American Eagle dark denim shorts, black studded high tops, and a floral headband around my head from Urban as well. Lilly went with a more "Ke$ha" inspired look- you can't go wrong with animal print and neon.

s u n d a y: j u n e 02

04. Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bagels, Fresh Fruit

05. I got to spend the day by Lilly's pool while she was at a lifeguard class. Yay for tanning and swimming!

06/07/08: Dinner at Flo's ! (Chicken finger wrap, Clam strips [AMAZING], and wafflefries (obviously).

09. The evening consisted of driving on the beach into the night. Honestly, such a fun time and such a magical place for summer.

Til next time, LI.

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come"
[Merchant of Venice 1.1]

Cheers, x


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