One of those dream dresses..

Guess what? Just two days ago I received this dress from the lovely people over at Dressestylist not long after they sent me this one. Of course I was psyched when I found out that I am able to choose a second one. This time I opted for a more versatile dress, with a silhouette that reminds us of the '50s fashion and of burgundy!
  What I love most about this particular dress is the bow details around the neck, it makes it so interesting and feminine, just perfect for my taste!
It was such a pleasure taking these photos even though I might have caught another cold, I simply love posing in pretty fabulous dresses that make me feel glamorous and lovable. I can't wait for another occasion to wear it again to be honest.msd7 msd4 msd9 msd3 msd2 msd8 msd1 msd5
After the photoshoot, I ate this deliciousness !

Wearing: Dressestylist dress, New Look socks, H&M tights, Mei shoes, vintage purse and earrings, MiniPrix coat.



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